About Dino Files

My name is James and I am currently a teacher of Physical Education in London. Whilst my profession helps to harbor my passion for sport and activity, I have another great love that my work-life fails to fulfill. That passion is for prehistoric life, specifically dinosaurs.

Inhabitants of this Earth hundreds of millions of years ago, dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna have always intrigued, excited and fascinated me. Dino Files is my way of satisfying my personal need for some form of prehistoric research. I will attempt to post regular fact files with a wealth of information on the different species that previously inhabited the world.

The plan is to theme the blog around the three main dinosaur-related time eras (Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous) and different land locations. The reason for doing this is because quite often information on dinosaurs fails to demonstrate the temporal and geographical range of different species. Often dinosaurs get lumped together in a single collective, leaving many people unaware of just how long, and how dominantly, dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

I hope you all enjoy the exciting world of Dino Files!


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